Eleanor Saitta - Hacking the City

Donnerstag, 18. Februar 2010

Amazing to see old heroes rise again. In this special case it’s christoph alexander, honoured again by Eleanor Saitta, who gave a speech on the 26th chaos communication congress in berlin.
Christopher Alexander wrote with ‘A pattern language’ a modern classic of urban development and planning. Amazon review (a true one) says: ‘ Nominally about architecture and urban planning, this book has more wisdom about psychology, anthropology, and sociology than any other that I’ve read.’

Now Mrs. Saitta – refering to him – talks about the unholy alliance between politics and money, who sqeeze out the cities for the sake of undisturbed moneytizing the public space. In the PDF belonging to her lecture she stresses,that (cities are ..) heavily politicized with embodied power structures on a number of different levels’.
From this premise she outlines the more or less subtle forces which define the public spaces of our cities. Ongoing she gives a couple of possible remedies against this – which means hacking the city. Which includes some real charming and dadaist naughties.

Well done, and another step towards a justified set of ethical and rational values for the ‘reclaim of the city’.
no idea why this had to be written in bad english. really sorry.